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Friday Q and A with Tony Turnbull

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1. What makes you open an email from a PR?

Professionalism. The next one might contain something my readers will be interested in.

2. Would you open emails from PR’s you don’t know?

Of course. Unless I can instantly see from the subject line that they’re irrelevant

3. Do you answer your landline during a working day?

Yes. Old school, eh?

4. Do you like images within a PR pitch?

They can certainly help.

5. When is the best time for you to meet a PR?

Any time but breakfast. Most over-rated meal of the day.

6. And which day suits the most?

Varies from week to week

7. What are your top 2 tips for a PR trying to secure coverage?

Read the publication you are pitching to, so you know the kind of stories it runs. And try to think journalistically. Everything needs an angle.

8. Are you happy to be contacted via social media / what are the boundaries?

Good luck with that…

9. Spirulina or Sauvignon?

Sauvignon. A barrel-fermented Sancerre if you want specifics

10. Stylist or The Spectator?

The Spectator


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This week, the most viewed press release was from Rosie Green, this is what she thought: "Okay so technically not a press release, but this e-mail says ‘in the spirit of helping others live a healthier life we want to offer someone you know who cares for others a chance to experience a day with us.’ The devil is in the detail of course (how many days are they offering up?) but the principle is a good one. It ups the feel good factor all round." See press release


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