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Get the jump on a new publication

Get the jump on a new publication

A new publication means opportunity. Most likely, its travel editor, features editor or whoever is the best contact for travel — assuming there will be some travel — and won’t have the same, sagging inbox nor Moby Dick-length to-do list as their more veteran counterparts. Better yet, they’ll be fresh-faced, excited and keen to find content. At which point, enter: you.

There are certain travel editors I know who are murder to reach now, but with whom I have fairly regular contact due to having been in touch early and established the relationship. Exactly the same is possible in PR. Find out who the person is, contact them — already you’ll look clever and ‘on it’ — and see if they’d like a meeting, or to have a few bespoke ideas sent over.

The latest such chance comes courtesy of Mail Luxury, a new How To Spend It-type supplement which will accompany Saturday’s Daily Mail once every quarter. Travel pages have been confirmed. You can read all about it on this official page and, for some extra gen, attend Roxhill’s devoted Everything You Need To Know About… webinar with editor Julia Pasaron. That takes place on November 3, three days before the supplement’s debut.

Will it have an additional travel (or features) editor providing that travel content, as HTSI and The Times’ lesser-spotted Luxx did, or will responsibilities fall to the existing Daily Mail travel desk? If I knew the answer, I’d (probably) tell you, but I don’t. I urge you to find out, though. As ever with a new publication, ascertain this early and you could be very well placed for months to come.


What Richard Thinks…

“Even if Jeff Koons and Florence seems a strange mix, it ensured this release from Olivia at PRCo got my attention. I appreciated its strong news angle and pithiness – ideal for NIBs.”

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