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So last night I did an IGTV live with Nicola Clarke, celebrity colourist, ambassador for Color Wow, Virtue and John Freida Salons.

This meant both Nicola and I had to shower (I know!), put on normal clothing (on the top half at least) and do our hair and our make-up.

In short we had to make an effort.

So was it worth it? I think so. For me it meant I could give my followers access to a skilled expert, and for Nicola she could talk about the brands she worked with, but in a way that felt editorial and authentic. We also had a fun. Which is important too, right? Lord knows I’ve missed connecting with my industry friends.

In this time of massive flux I feel the 360 approach to journalism and PR is the way to go. Make use of all of their channels. Try not to pigeon hole them as print or influencer or TV. I think it’s also important not to over analyse reach and results. This kind of thing is good for everyone – there’s not much to lose and everything to gain.

Judging by the amount of requests I’ve had from other PRs since to do the same thing with their experts, I’m going to consider it a success. Well worth hauling myself out of athleisure for…


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