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Great Coffee And A Chic Pastry

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Great coffee and a chic pastry

How do you plan your events? I write this on Tuesday morning, and tonight there are three big food-related launches and at least one Christmas preview dinner. Much to my chagrin, I don’t think I’ll get to any of them as so many colleagues are away from work I’ll be at my desk eating a sad takeaway sandwich. 

Yesterday there was a big restaurateurs’ lunch and a restaurant awards drinks event in the evening, as I witnessed from the ‘well refreshed’ chefs I bumped into in Soho last night!

The public would probably whip out the world’s smallest violin, but it is difficult for journalists when there are multiple places to go and people to see all at the same time.

We want to have time to properly mingle and to get intel on what’s being launched, if possible. Sure, we could send someone else but in my experience, there’s nothing like chatting to my contacts  – and forming new contacts -myself.

So, do you liaise with other PRs to try and minimise clashes or is that just a fantasy idea? I am imagining that in the run-up to Christmas there are fewer and fewer dates available and there’s probably a backlog of launches hanging over from lockdowns …

Personally I’d be up for more early morning events. Okay, so there’s less opportunity for champagne and canapes, but in my mind, great coffee and a chic pastry are equally as alluring.

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