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Greggs And Primark

When a half-eaten Greggs sausage roll appeared in a Primark shop window, Twitter’s reaction was swift. “Shoutout to whichever stone cold legend at Newcastle Primark has accidentally left a load of Greggs in the window display,” quoth a tweet that received 6,000 likes. Only this was no accident. It was viral marketing at its best. Or at least, its weirdest. In what is surely the unlikeliest fashion pairing since IKEA and Off-White, Greggs and Primark were announced this week to be collaborating, with Greggs opening a 130-seater café in Primark’s largest store and Primark selling a limited-edition range of clothing featuring the Greggs logo.

Pie-oneering, or just plain bonkers? You decide.

Whatever you think of the collaboration itself, its PR strategy was clever, and made even the broadsheets sit up and take notice. I was commissioned to write about it within the hour, but was on another deadline, and couldn’t – still, it would have been a fun one. As collaborations go, it’s not exactly up there with Versace for H&M, but that’s the point, plus there’s a synergy about Greggs and Primark that feels right for now. With interest rates and food prices sky-rocketing and the cost of living spiralling out of control, they are two budget brands that feel as though they’re on your side, whose combined power makes each seem even stronger. Good luck to them.  

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