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I wonder how we will look back on lockdown? As a time of anxiety, uncertainty, crisis and confinement? Or a time when we were forced to slow down, to reconnect with our loved ones and re-evaluate what is important to us? Perhaps it is a time to take pleasure in simpler things − sunshine on your face; wisteria flowering; an evening gin and tonic.

You most probably have clients who, for the first time since university, find themselves without a jam-packed schedule. You are hoping they will still pay the bills, still retain their PR. And I think, for what it is worth, the ones that can afford to should.

Because now is their time to really look at what their company does. What do they stand for? What do they want to achieve? And then to communicate this.

I interviewed make up artist Ruby Hammer a few weeks ago. We talked about selfcare and the power of investing in yourself. Her PR Jay Squier and I talked about how we were all helping each other − to create content, to connect like minded people and yes, to evolve our brands.

She said her savviest, most experienced clients (and on her list are are three incredible women: Ruby Hammer, Bobbi Brown and Trish McEvoy) are using this time to think about their values, what speaks to people and where they are going.

For the moment, collaborations between brands, press and influencers have lost (some of) their commercial edge. It’s less about the money and more about making connections. Because authenticity will surely be the key to lockdown success.

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