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Wellness is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Okay, so there are some lockdowners whose idea of movement is couch to fridge, and who’ve subsisted on Uber Eats, but I feel there are many more at the other end of the spectrum.

People are utilising this time to get fitter and healthier. With no commuting, no business trips and, er, no social life, we all have so much more free time to walk, bike, paddleboard and downward dog; to make nourishing meals from scratch; to take our eye make-up off at night; to look after our minds and bodies. And some of us have realised that the frantic pace at which we lived our life wasn’t sustainable, or even enjoyable.

Spas are surely the beneficiaries of this new mood. A new study by the Good Spa Guide shows that people can’t wait to get back on the massage table.

It says 80% will go back to a spa now or soon, 68% are looking for longer 2-3 day retreats and 65% just want to relax in a spa environment. Interestingly men are most keen to visit and most likely to splash the cash.

And what do people want once they get to a spa? Well 45% are most excited about a massage and only 9% prioritised a beauty treatment. Which shows that it’s wellness that people are after. They are craving a treatment that’s about mind/body benefits, rather than just the superficial. I for one am desperate to lie on that couch.To feel the power of touch. To get the self-esteem hit that comes with investing in myself.

I’m also interested in the latest PR communication around spas.

Some are talking about immune boosting oils, most about de-stressing techniques and a lot, about optimising wellbeing. As ever it’s about gauging the mood of journalists and the nation as a whole. And then packaging it up perfectly.


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