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I’m writing about Balenciaga for the second week in a row because it’s an evolving story, whose twists and turns contain new and salient lessons on how not to do things. As with last week’s column, I’ll contain myself to covering the elements which are most pertinent to PRs. First, there’s the timing of Kering’s announcement that Alessandro Michele would be leaving Gucci after seven years. If Kering hoped this would deflect from the Balenciaga scandal, its hope was in vain. Next, there’s the timing of Kim Kardashian’s announcement that her divorce has finally been settled with Kanye West – another deflection as transparent as it was futile. 

The lesson: social media decides the news agenda. Luckily, its views aren’t compromised by ad revenues or endorsement deals. While there’s much to criticise about Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok these days, when it comes to expressing outrage, seeking accountability and calling people out, we’d be in a far more perilous place without these platforms. There is power in the collective outrage of the people. In a week that has seen levels of buck-passing, blame-shifting, finger-pointing, grandstanding and insincerity that would put the world’s most nefarious political leaders to shame, thank god the public is still demanding accountability. However much those involved might wish it to, this story isn’t going to go away. You can’t make it. Not for all the spin or money in the world. Which is exactly as it should be. 

What Laura Thinks…

“It’s a sign of the times, I suppose… sigh.”

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