How detailed should a press-trip invite be?

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How detailed should a press-trip invite be?

This topic arose while I chatted with Sonam Shah from the M Collective last month. How short or long should a press-trip invite be? How succinct or thorough? Should it contain every step of the itinerary, just the highlights or only a short précis?

For me, listing the highlights is best; even better if you outline any potential angles too. Will we be visiting anywhere new? If so, precisely how new? Is there a distinct theme — local food, say, or architecture? What other angles — an anniversary, a film link — are possible?

A long invite risks looking too laborious to read. “I’ll read it later, ” I think; ultimately, I never do. What’s more, I probably don’t need or want to know the precise itinerary at this stage. Recipients can always ask for further details. 

Images are a good idea, as they may aid any pitch I make, but not essential. 

Definitely helpful is some indication of what is expected from me in order to secure a place on the trip. A commission, presumably. If you’re sending the invites personally, be more specific: by all means, tell me that a Metro commission will work but the client is less keen on The Times. I shan’t be offended.

If a hotel client is involved, is extensive background info about that hotel or the owning group required?

I just want the headlines at this stage. I can google the rest if need be. Failing all else, you could include that information as an attachment rather than in the invite’s body.


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