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How Much Is A Pint Of Milk

How much is a pint of milk

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing an influencer who was charming, engaging and humble, despite her hefty following and obvious success. It was clear that said success was founded on her ability to be relatable, and that despite her privilege, she hadn’t changed. Would that all influencers were as plugged into the real world. This week, I’ve received not one but two pitches that have perplexed and piqued me in equal measure. The first was from a PR hoping I’d consider covering – I kid you not – the gender reveal party thrown for her influencer client’s first child, or rather fetus, with accompanying photos of a lavish ceremony. “Green confetti rained down on the couple as the sex was revealed,” the pitch noted, adding that said influencer recently “generated $2.1m in media impact.” 

The second was much in the same vein, but featured a four-page PDF of artfully shot pics espousing the marriage of someone I’d never heard of to someone else I’d never heard of, an event distinguished by absolutely nothing, so far as I could glean, yet still asking for coverage on the basis that the bride was an influencer. Three words. Read. The. Room. I said this last week, and I’m saying it again. If you’ve made it as an influencer, that’s great. But please don’t suppose that this entitles you to coverage elsewhere – especially now, when even upmarket media outlets are focused on price sensitivity. UK food price inflation soared to a record annual rate of 11.6% last month. How much is a pint of milk? I doubt these influencers know the answer, or even care. But they should.

What Laura Thinks…

“I love a stat, although I didn’t use this. But the results are interesting in these straitened times.” 


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