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How Should PRs Treat The Oscars?

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How should PRs treat the Oscars?

Even before Will Smith hit Chris Rock and prompted a global debate about toxic masculinity, the Oscars were a problematic event. To say they haven’t aged well) they are now in their 94th year) is an understatement. Viewing figures have been in terminal decline, and while my generation of woman is still kind of excited to wake up the next day and to see the gowns, the fashion appeal – and certainly the relevance – of the event is totally lost on younger people. Gen Z are far too busy taking their style cues from social media and their peers to give a stuff about which priceless jewels and which colour of couture gowns ruled the red carpet.

How should PRs treat the Oscars? If someone wears your brand, the most useful thing you can do is ensure that as detailed yet concise a communication as possible is emailed in good time: certainly by 6am, ideally by 5am, since every news desk will have staff working overnight on content. Otherwise, think creatively. Don’t just look at the red carpet: scour social media for angles, too. Jamie Dornan’s Instagram post, in which he teased his beauty routine (a sheet mask!) was a great hook for affordable beauty products.

The after-parties also generated a wealth of trends, and seemed more relatable than the main event. I am pleased to report that all the alopecia pitches I received were sensitively handled. Will Smith could learn a thing or two.


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