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How to deal with criticism

This week I posted on Instagram about a new skincare service called Get Harley. It provides online consultations with selected and vetted dermatologists and cosmetic doctors for £40. They listen to your skin concerns and needs, and then create a list of products they think would be helpful, which you can then choose to purchase. Or not.

I posted about this on my Instagram and the overwhelming response was positive. However, there was one negative comment – a follower who questioned the service’s integrity. As a journalist who is used to the protection of the magazines and newspapers, I’m still learning to deal with direct (often vociferous) criticism of my views or the services and products I recommend on social media. 

So how can a PR help a journalist in this situation? How can they best maintain the trust and relationship between them?

  1. Do the due diligence on a client before taking them on.
  2. Respond quickly. 
  3. React in a calm and reassuring way.
  4. Offer to respond directly to the complainant tackling their issues (publicly or not).

I’m happy to say that (number four) was exactly what the PR for Get Harley did, which strengthened our relationship. It also means I’ll be happy to recommend her clients in the future. 

What Rosie Thinks…

“Whilst this release, created to PR Dove Gradual Self Tan Mousse, is nothing special, visually it does serve up some juicy, headline worthy research and statistics. My favourite is ‘one in four British women deem a holiday a complete flop – if they return home tan-less’. Whilst the beauty industry continues to reinforce the message that tans are dangerous and damaging to the skin, this survey conducted by BCW-global shows that Brits still love to go golden. There is something very appealing about this insight into human behaviour.”

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