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How To Get A Christmas Party Right

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All I want for Christmas (when it comes to a party) is a central London venue, an early start time (6pm is perfect), free flowing Champagne and familiar faces.

Okay I know that’s quite a list!

Guerlain gets it right every year. Their celebratory drinks are at The Connaught (classy, Christmassy, central, special). It’s always at The Connaught (which means it now feels like a tradition and also means I’m not trudging through sleet trying to find a new hip venue down a dark alley).

There’s the right amount of people (50 ish) and lots of bubbles and what my aunt would call ‘substantial’ canapés. You can meet, greet and laugh and still be home by nine.

So I guess the message is, sometimes you don’t need the hippest new venue or the latest cocktail or a superstar guest. If it aint broke don’t fix it.

Which brings me not very neatly at all to my other activities this week. Namely skin rejuvenation (hand fillers and facial laser). All in the name of research obviously….


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