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How to get your product on the page

I know this is not a new subject, but it’s one that’s at the core of what you do. How does a product make it onto a page or screen? Or, more specifically how does your product make it onto my page, how does it make it into The Times/Red/Get the Gloss or any of the other outlets I write for? And lastly how does it make it onto my Instagram?

From your end, whether a product gets picked up or not might seem arbitrary, down to chance, but actually there are a few set criteria that are always important and can make all the difference.

#1 If I have a relationship with the PR behind the product is the biggest factor. If I trust their judgment and there’s a bit of history between us then I’m likely to allocate time and attention to their communication. Saying this, I can’t get to know all of you, so…

#2 You send an e-mail which a) is easy to read, b) is visually arresting, c) has a good hook, d) contains clear information on price and stockist, and e) has expert comment or interesting stats. These are all the elements I will need to pitch. Without one of them, my job is harder and your chances of coverage, lower.

#3 You deliver a physical (preferably) attractive product that comes in non-annoying packaging, which means not excessive, no bits that go everywhere, done carefully so the product looks luxurious and is not damaged in anyway.

#4 Yes, it’s a repeat of number 2, but the information contained within the package must include prices – it’s the most important detail..

#5 You follow up with a message/text/e-mail that checks I have everything I need – a polite nudge that contains a nugget of extra information that makes the product more desirable (a credible celebrity loves it, it sold out in two hours etc).

#6 You don’t do any of the following, all of which immediately rule out a product: send a sample size; act very pushy and hound me for coverage; suggest something that is a ridiculous price.

All the above means the product makes it into the pile ‘to be tried/photographed.’ What really grabs me, though? Amazing packaging, delicious smells, authentic brand story, and most importantly, that it really works.

Then I story it on my Instagram and log it in my head. Once a relevant piece comes in I put it in the copy and it goes on the page. Simple.

What Rosie Thinks…

“The show can’t go on – well not in its usual way anyway. But this release manages to give beauty journalists a hit of newness that feels exciting. It invites you to watch the show live, has quotes by hairdresser Anthony Turner and Victoria Beckham, and a useful step-by-step how-to guide with products. Slick.”

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