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In what must be the most deeply joyous aspect of my job as a beauty editor, I am regularly sent gorgeous products to review and write about. It’s like Christmas everyday.

Still. The fact the postman thinks I have an out of control spending problem is but a small price to pay.

Here’s what makes the most successful send out.

• Always maintain appropriate levels of desirability. The product has to feel wantable, right? Even if it’s not going to presented in a chic boutique, or over a Claridge’s table, but delivered by Paul the postie, it still needs to up your pulse rate. If your product is prestige then there needs to be tissue paper or ribbon. Or both.

• Anything surplus that falls out of the jiffy bag is just plain annoying. Wood shavings, those polystyrene worms, glitter. Especially glitter.

• Too much packaging. Okay I know I said it needs to arrive intact, but it also cannot be in a disproportionately large box or contain enough bubble wrap to circumnavigate Sir Philip Green’s stomach.

• Accompanying a product with information is useful. Actually essential. Name, price, stockists, what it does. You know the shtick.

• If you’d like it to be Instagrammed (of course you’d like it to be Instagrammed) then sometimes throwing in an eye catching prop is useful. But remember too much pressure to post is off putting. (We journos like to think everything is our idea).

• Don’t use so much parcel tape it would take an SAS swat team to break into your package.

But please keep those packages coming…


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