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I don’t want to be brutal but if a journalist’s response to your press release is: “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, you can probably consider that a fail.

Take the mysterious communication I had last week inviting me to an event during London Fashion Week. “As you may have already heard,” it intoned, rather smugly, “there is some talk around this presentation.”

And that was it. No big reveal as to what the talk was about. No suggestion as to why or where I may have already heard about this already notorious event. Was it going to be a climate crisis protest? An entirely recycled collection of clothing? A naked rave?

But no further information was relayed. Nada. Quite an odd PR approach.

To make matters worse, after I responding to say it was all news to me but please do go ahead and tell what I need to know, I have still had no response.

I would like to think that no one reading these blogs would be making such obvious mistakes, but maybe this needs spelling out to the few: it’s the job of the PR to tell the press what it needs to know.

If I’m still in the dark by the end of your release, you’ve wasted your time, my time – and your client’s money.

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