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I do not expect a scintilla of sympathy for receiving too many invitations. If I had a doughnut for every time someone outside the industry said to me “oh food critic, that’s my dream job”, I’d be, well, diabetic at the very least.

To understand and commission content about food, drink, restaurants and hospitality does require experience of it – hence the invitations. And from thronging parties to launch a tequila brand to intimate dinners to celebrate a renowned chef, getting people together is very much back on the agenda.

But with a high-pressure job with multiple deadlines, late nights are a bad idea and I’m not in the out-every-evening demographic any more, so I have to choose two a week which will have the most impact in terms of experiencing something new and seeing the right people.

The last couple of dinners I’ve attended have been particularly interesting because the guest list hasn’t been “the usual suspects” and I use the term with affection. It’s been brilliant – and useful – to sit with people I either don’t know at all or only by reputation (and/or social media presence).

I’ve come away having real food for thought and with much appreciation for a clever PR who creates a stimulating array of invitees. I’m not begging to go to a car launch or a listening party for a new grunge SoundCloud, but a little mixing it up in the lifestyle sector can be a good thing…

What Lisa Thinks…

“Press release of the week [it’s putting the word ‘complimentary’ so obviously that looks icky to me, there are better ways to intimate or suggest that it’s an invitation I think!)”


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