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Interesting significant dates

It used to be one of the more lacklustre ideas in a features meeting – writing something to mark an anniversary. Twenty five years of the Cosmopolitan cocktail; the chef marking ten years at his signature restaurant; one year on from the launch of a vegan burger brand, etc.

But things are different now and the survival of – particularly – brands and places we love really is something to celebrate. I enjoy hearing about a chef diversifying by collaborating with other restaurants, a hotel chain or a product because I know that will keep them afloat in testing times. I want to be appraised of significant birthdays and anniversaries so that I can explore ideas for features or magazine coverage.

I think the last few years have made all of us recognise the pleasure of familiar places, people and things and want to hear stories of success and plaudits more than we might have done before the pandemic. That’s certainly what my unscientific examination of comments ‘below the line’ on some features tells me.

All this doesn’t mean, however, that I want any old flim-flam on National Rice Cake Day or chef X increasing his opening hours from three to four days. Bring me your truly interesting significant dates and I’ll listen. Usual caveat, of course, which is give me plenty of notice!

What Lisa thinks…

“I’m fascinated by this release – do we really not understand sustainability in this country? But as ever, interesting data can be useful for features.”

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