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Launching a wellness brand is tough. It’s a grossly overcrowded market, full of hokum, the very word – wellness – the butt of jokes. Unless, of course, you are Kate Moss. After decades of entreaties and as many refusals, Moss, 48, has finally launched her own brand rather than simply putting her name to one. Available from September 1st, Cosmoss (geddit?) is a wellness range that is said to include CBD face oil, a Sacred Mist fragrance and a set of tea bags which the tabloids have already been snide about (“Kate’s set to flog £21 boxes of tea bags,” quoth one).

Not that Moss cares. While it wouldn’t harm her to have print and digital media support, it’s significant that she chose to reveal Cosmoss on her Instagram account, @katemossagency. Shortly after 2pm on Tuesday, she posted a short black and white video of herself walking naked into a river and plunging in for a swim. “Follow me to cosmoss,” she says in dulcet Croydon tones. At the time of writing, neither nor – the two media outlets I’d have expected to break the story – had even mentioned it. 

Undoubtedly, Vogue will have deeper coverage planned, but nonetheless I’m intrigued that they didn’t run a short news item. Moss certainly isn’t the first celebrity to tease their new a brand on social media, but nonetheless I’ll be following her launch strategy with a gimlet eye. As someone who rarely puts a foot wrong and has the best people to advise her, other brands should make sure they’re watching, too. 

What Laura Thinks…

“This caught my eye because it’s a clever way of bouncing a feature idea off the popularity of the word “ick”.

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