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Is it shallow to write on such things as beauty in these times? To talk about face masks and perfume when people are anxious and scared? And from your point of view, is it wrong to send out a press release on the latest skin plumping facial?

I’m wrestling with what to put on my Instagram at the moment. I don’t want to offend people who are struggling with illness or fear – but similarly people need distraction right? And comfort. And humour. So I’m going to try and deliver that in my writing for papers and magazines and on my Instagram and blog.

Striking the right tone is what we all aim for isn’t it? And as creative empaths we (fingers crossed) generally get it right. But when the news is changing so rapidly, what seems like cheeky commentary one day, feels downright insensitive the next. A friend of mine just had to re-edit her content to make it appropriate.

I’m writing a piece for The Mail on isolation beauty, because the way I see it we can either eat Hobnobs on the sofa, or we can use this time when we can’t go out to exercise, grow out our brows and wear postman-scaring face masks.

So please keep sending those releases. And I’ll keep writing copy. And FYI – now is the perfect time to give your nails a Shellac break! But what do we do about grey hairs and waxing??? *Asking for a friend.


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