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How popular are you?

It’s a pertinent question in 2019.

My daughter (12) was telling me about the MPP (most popular girl) at her school. She’s the one they want to be. Not the cleverest, the sportiest or the prettiest. 


Now with Instagram, Twitter and You Tube – popularity is quantifiable.

I.e. how many followers you have.

I have friends with lots of followers. 

(Although it is all relative. They have 50, 60, 100K followers. But then their friends have millions).

Now, we all know a way of increasing your followers is to create content with people who have lots of followers.

But this makes me uncomfortable, because I would HATE any of my friends to think I am using them.

This reticence made me turn down offers from them.

But then I had a light bulb moment. STOP IT Green. It’s useful to them. And they are happy and willing to do so.  So stop self-sabotaging.

So I’ve started a new hilarious collaboration with my friend and super successful You Tuber Nadine Baggott. It’s called #spaslags and involves us reviewing, you’ve guessed it, spas. In a no BS way.

And I’ve filmed some beauty videos on rosacea/red lips/make-up with my friend, the make-up artist Caroline Barnes.

And I’m doing a podcast on heartbreak with my friend Emma Gunns.

The takeaway? Don’t be too polite.


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