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Jaded by fizz?

How was it for you? Fed up of quiche, jaded by fizz, wondering what to do with all those chocolate corgis and jack russells? Or not yet ready to cast off your paper crown and get back to work?

I’ve just finished three 11-hour days putting together Coronation coverage for the Telegraph and have lived on crisps, biscuits and coffee since 7am Saturday morning, so I’m more-than ready for something else to eat – and write about.

The problem is… what? The Eurovision Song Contest is looming, which is a great subject for international food and drinks but that’s all already been taken care of by diligent writers and editors – and the prospect of yet another bank holiday and possibly drizzly barbecues doesn’t set my world on fire, as it were.

What I think commissioning editors are looking for now – from studying the data on what’s scoring well online – are compelling human stories that get a great ‘line’, ie: a quote headline that makes the audience click. It might be a creator of something innovative and/or quirky; an individual surviving against odds of some sort; or teamwork that’s making people sit up and take notice.

There are plenty of products out there – we all know where and how to find them. Fascinating people, that we need help with.

What Lisa thinks…

“This was one of those “ooooh… oh” moments when I thought I was being invited to America but actually not. And while I am interested in the food of the south, some more info included would have been helpful


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