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Jubilee Afterglow

Jubilee Afterglow

How was it for you? Did you bake scones, drink Pimms, laugh at Prince Louis and wonder why Diana Ross closed Party at the Palace and not Adele? Did you love it, hate it or barely switch on the TV? Do you feel flat now, or glad it’s over? Let me guess: you never want to hear the words “platty jubes” again. 

Whatever your views on the Platinum Jubilee, the fact that it’s estimated to have boosted the beleaguered British economy by £1.2 billion can only be a positive. I always receive a high volume of pitches in relation to any royal event, particularly from a fashion perspective, but even by its own standards, the jubilee royally broke my inbox. Which brings me to the point of this week’s missive: when it comes to an event of vast historical, cultural and global significance, how late is too late to draw a line under it? When should a PR move on? 

It’s a thinker. Obviously, news outlets are still basking in the jubilee’s afterglow, but interest is waning. My own feeling is that stat-based stories are still valid (for example, if sales of white jackets have gone up thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge), but “get the look” stories have probably run their course. The Platinum Jubilee was wonderful for many reasons, but it was also divisive: not everyone was a fan. After so much build up, it’s probably time to move on.

What Laura Thinks…

“An American store that has a lot of love in the U.K.: interested to see whether any British publications cover this.”

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