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I don’t know about you, but ChatGPT still blows my mind. Using it hits differently to the AI that’s become second nature, like smart speakers or facial recognition – not least because software that can write articles and press releases in seconds feels like a threat to our industries and jobs.

Is this how cabbies felt when sat nav made it mainstream and the Uber boom was born? The answer, I suspect, is not nearly – the complexities around generative AI are vast.

But let’s be positive: while ChatGPT and the countless similar programmes present big challenges to the landscapes of journalism and PR, they certainly bring opportunity, too. Daunting as it might be, it’s another case of needing to stay ahead of the curve (or at least trying to keep up with the curve) – to reap the benefits.

That feels like the point of a recent Business of Fashion article investigating those aspects of our industry most vulnerable to AI, which helps put it into perspective. A digital expert is quoted as saying that over the next few years, “the people who know how to use those [AI] tools will be ready for the next phase of work”. Meanwhile, The Guardian has written about how they are grappling with generative AI; focusing on learning about the technology and exploring responsible uses for it while remaining accountable to readers.

I’m interested to know how PRs are embracing it, and how, in time, it might influence the ways in which we work together. No doubt we’ll be covering the topic more in these Roxstars newsletters, but for now I wanted to start the conversation – with you, humans! – before consulting the bots.

What Bridget thinks…

“When beauty makes headlines, we expect a body like BABTAC to respond with comment – as it did via this press release relating to reports of the ‘growing rate’ of gel manicure allergies. Facts, advise, and further commentary offered: Known Community did a great job with it.”

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