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Let's get emotional baby

A personal story or a passion. That’s what often makes a brand or business interesting to journalists.

Yes, we love fancy packaging, great new problem-solving technology or luxurious smells and textures. However, the person, their journey, and their background, are even more fascinating. 

So, what makes their story interesting?

  1. Vulnerability
  2. Overcoming adversity
  3. A glimpse into another world
  4. Staying true to their values

This week I got a great press release from Rebecca Lee Communications. It was about her client, dermatologist Anjali Mahto, and it was entitled was Acne Myths & Misconceptions.

It wasn’t overtly pushing a product, treatment, or place. Instead, it was all about why she does what she does. 

“I was that person buying into any advice for sorting out my skin – over washing, food restricting, and all the while feeling “ugly” and “disgusting”. Ultimately it was medical attention that sorted out my skin. If I can even change one person’s mind about myths around acne, then that’s a victory.”

It feels authentic, relatable and real. And us journalists, we want all that. What’s your story?

What Rosie Thinks…

“Let’s talk about Chanel press releases. This one begins with a beautiful main holding shot that captures the vibe of the product collection perfectly. The writing on the second page is evocative but, thankfully, no longer the waffling Franglais of previous decades. Then there are product shots, which are clean and have actual prices next to them – another thing that used to be missing in their press release of yore. Be still my beating heart.”

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