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Lightening almost never strikes twice

This morning I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Roxhill on the workings of the Telegraph Magazine – everything from who does what to when to pitch and on what subjects. Thanks to those of you who tuned in.

It’s a great discipline for an editor to collect their thoughts on their own ‘product’; speaking for myself, most of the time I’m dashing about in a haphazard manner, hoping my team combine their own initiative with tactical emails to me about what’s coming up.

Telling PRs who looks after which slots and sections is helpful for both sides but it’s not an exact science – at the Telegraph, for instance, one person looks after interviews across all sections, but another deals with book publicists and a third deals with the major broadcasters. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of crossover. 

Similarly with food and drink subjects – do you contact me, passionate about the subject and relatively quick to decide yes or no to something, if I ever have time to read emails? Or do you go via the food editor? If it has a celebrity brand ambassador do you try the interview route? 

We’re not making it easy for you, are we? The excellent questions from both Alessia from Roxhill and the attendees made that clear. I’ve made a note to self to draw up an annotated list of staff and regular contributors and my suggest routes for most successful pitching – and I promise to supply it on request.

(And, as promised, next week I’ll detail our Christmas plans…) 

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