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Lockdown 2.0 - what now?

So here we go again. Another full-on lockdown. Non-essential travel once again prohibited. Hotels shut and holidays postponed or cancelled. I don’t know about you but personally, while I knew this was imminent, I still feel shocked.

What will follow in the travel sections? It’s tough to know. During Lockdown 1.0, we saw lots of inventive fodder about virtual travel, recipes from hotel chefs or mixologists, and the like. But that was all exhausted pretty quickly, and I can’t see any such content happening again.

Back in spring, there was also a good bit of focus on travel in 2021. This was easier then, what with 2021 so far off, but I think it will continue – maybe with the focus on summer. Even if there’s no readily available vaccine by next summer, this year’s experience suggests everything will at least be easier then.

Otherwise, perhaps the travel sections will simply opt to try and provide a mixture of common-sense pieces – where is safest, how most savvily to book – and good old escapism: cut-out-and-keep articles about exotic places which readers can store away for the Covid-free future.

I’d imagine, with a new year fast approaching, there may also be a lot of focus on lists of the best new tours, hotel openings and so on for next year – again, perhaps, with a quiet focus on late spring or summer.

Ultimately, I don’t have many answers right now, just these random thoughts which I hope are helpful. I plan to have more sense of how the land lies by the time of next week’s newsletter. Until then, I just want to tell you to hang in there – and write to me if I can help in any way, or answer any question.


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