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Loving what you already own?

Some fashion features published this month have left me wondering how you sell newness, when newness feels old hat.

‘Spring 2023 is all about loving what you already own’ (InStyle)

‘I bought no new clothes for a year and here’s how I got my fashion fix’ (The Times)

‘Gaby Roslin talks her “shopping in your wardrobe” movement’ (Good Housekeeping)

With industry insiders agreeing that the hottest trends are already in our closets, the fashion forecast feels thrifty and resourceful, regardless of the micro trends emerging from the revolving door of social media daily. (However, TikTok’s wave of ‘deinfluencing’ – prompting users to think more critically about their purchases – may represent a narrative shift here.)

But how the sentiment of shopping and sharing one’s stash applies to beauty – where products have literal shelf lives and rental models are improbable – is interesting. Skincare can be risky to revisit after months pass, but with make-up and fragrance, beauty communities have long been vocal about rotating products to ensure forgotten purchases get used. Finding ‘dupes’ of new launches in one’s own collection is encouraged in these conversations, too.

I feel for fashion and beauty PRs navigating the slow/no shopping movement, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on approaching it. Personally, I think it’s important to read the room and celebrate hero products as much as new ones. And when promoting newness, I want to hear why something makes for a smart purchase someone won’t regret, instead of hype about it being an item “you can’t live without”.

Recognising the importance of consumers’ personal styles – instead of always speaking to blanket trends – also feels refreshing.

Currently, I’m considering stories on beauty storage and navigating expiration dates, plus suggestions of new ways to use old things. Any assistance welcome. 

What Bridget thinks…

“ESPA’s regular press release ‘Treatment Tuesday’ heroes a different therapy each week (this time it’s the divine sounding Inner Calm Massage, which we all need–right?) and it’s a smart way to reinforce that the brand is a leader in the spa scene. Whenever I think of pampering treatments, I now think of them.”

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