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This week I met up with my friend Nadine Baggott – it was a soul-enriching few hours. Nadine and I have known each other for over two decades, she is a feisty, knowledgeable beauty journalist who now has 131,000 Instagram followers.

Five years ago or so, when she was talking about leaving her regular gig at Hello to go into the digital world, it seemed like a risky move. She was earning good money, she worked hard, and the perks were amazing (think Maldives spas and Dior handbags). Why risk it all for what seemed like a young person’s game? I remember I was nervous for her – and the first few years, when her numbers were creeping up slowly, were a test of resolve. Now she has a bigger reach than most glossy magazines. She’s got complete autonomy and her earnings have soared. Most importantly, she’s creating content that feels authentic and credible, and her life is interesting and fun.

Why am I telling you this? Because we naturally shy away from change, right? But sometimes we all need to take a leap of faith, and that applies whether we are journalists or PRs. I’m also saying that Nadine will remember the PRs that supported her in the early days, when she didn’t have the numbers.

So, embrace change and remember to support those who are brave enough to do it. In a world of uncertainty, there is one given: you will always remember those who were there for you when you needed it.


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