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So new research from the crowdgifting app, [WhatWeWant]( has revealed that almost two thirds (59%) of women are left unsatisfied by gifts from loved ones.

Hmm. You mean you didn’t want the printer?

But what about gifts from business contacts?

I am very lucky to receive gifts from brands and I’m grateful for all of them. I love most of them. Everything from mugs to chocolates to fizz via stationery. Some are weird. (Blow up doll). Some lavish (the monogrammed suitcase). Some are big (the Philippe Starck Ghost chair).

But some are of absolutely no use.

So what is it acceptable to do with them?

At magazines there was a clear diktat. No reselling. Full stop. Ever. And that meant no gifts being listed on websites or flogged at car boot sales. It devalues the brand and this brand has been kind enough to gift you. It’s basic manners.

I was told, and always told my team, that you can re-gift. But make sure the recipient respects the brand and keeps it for their own personal use.

We’ve all heard ‘returning stories of shame.’ One friend of mine was gifted a very expensive (and quite frankly hideous) brooch from a prestigious jewellers. She thought she would return it on a trip to Paris. She was hoping for an exchange at the very least.

She walked into the shop, past various snooty bodyguards and was engaged by a supremely superior French man. He looked at her like merde on his chassure and took the brooch away.

‘We av called the client and they told us this was specially commissioned piece so you cannot return et,’ he said.

Called. The. Client.

She thought she might die of shame…


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