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It’s only February, and already we have a strong contender for fashion story of the year.

Back in October 21, when Miuccia Prada put a low-rise mini skirt and an ultra-cropped top on the catwalk as part of her S/S 22 collection, it’s doubtful she imagined the impact it would have. Before you could say “bread? I don’t know her”, the look went viral, defining the season, its aesthetic perfectly placed to harness the current obsession with Y2K. And while its hipbone-bearing, belly-flaunting ways recalled the early 2000 style of Christina Aguilera and Tara Reid, a new raft of fans swiftly made it their own, including Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, Lara Stone and Nicole Kidman, who wore it on the cover of Vanity Fair. As well as the requisite high street knock offs, the look even has its own Instagram account (@miumiuskirtset). 

How did Miu Miu do it? How did they create a look that has a chokehold on fashion (for this month, anyway) and a buzz that PRs can only dream of? That’s the million dollar question. It was the right skirt at the right time worn by the right people. The skirt itself might be divisive, but it got people talking. It cut through the noise. It’s a formula worth thinking about, for while there can only be one #MiuMiuskirtset, creating a debate over your product could be a way of replicating Miu Miu’s impact, albeit in a smaller way. 


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“I thought this was timely and rather fascinating, since everyone’s talking about the Netflix doc.”

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