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Just as surely as the days get longer and the daffodils explode into life, the PR calendar utilises annual events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter to generate press.

And we hacks obviously rely on those prompts too.

I’m currently researching good Mother’s Day spa offerings.

But when you are sitting down with your client, how do you decide what’s good for PR and what’s good for the customer? And if the former compromises the latter?

A facial using solid gold and sheep’s placenta might be headline worthy but is anyone going to pay for one?

A wellness reset for twenty four days that costs the same as a small car – is that kind of expense time/outlay on the cards for anyone? (Well yes, it actually is).

I’m astounded by some of the decadence.

Like you, I have to weigh up a good story versus the reality of reader’s needs and budgets.

The truth is it’s good journalism to hunt out the bargains, the insider places that no-one knows about, the products that are under the radar or under a tenner. The expert therapist/masseur that really can reset your body/your mind.

But it requires extra effort.

So I’m going to make that my mission. To find the newest/best/most innovative/most bargainous.

So please can you e-mail me any Mother’s Day packages that fit with the above?



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