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Multi-Client Press Releases, Part 2: Angle- Pushing

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Multi-client press releases, part 2: angle-pushing

This month, I’ll be doing a series on multi-client press releases – considering the pros and cons of each approach, followed by a final thought. Second up is…


This includes multi-client round-ups hooked on breaking news (e.g. Japan’s recent re-opening), those suggesting new travel trends or hot destinations for the coming year, and general trend-led lists – recently, for example, I was told that “private restaurants are the new private clubs”, with that release then offering three examples from the PR firm’s roster.


Such press releases make your agency look on-the-pulse, as well as boosting your chances of inclusions – potentially multiple inclusions – in lists that recipient journalists might very well be writing (e.g “10 trips to Japan as the country reopens”).

In the final example, that of trend-led lists, they also offer a chance to be creative and maybe even inspire travel content which wouldn’t have happened anyway — just about the top trump for a PR.

Then there’s the perk that you can tell multiple clients on multiple monthly reports that they have been promoted to multiple writers.


It’s all too tempting to over-include clients in such releases. To take the Japan example, a cruise client whose 54-day Asia voyage includes one day in Japan. In the case of travel trends, a client who, with nothing good to suggest, ends up suggesting something uselessly generic like “travellers want more access to local culture”. Or perhaps a hot-destination idea with absolutely no evidence for why it’ll specifically be in vogue next year, beyond its being lovely (which is true every year) or bouncing back from Covid (which is true of everywhere).

In the example of trend-led lists (e.g the private restaurants one), you’ll ideally be able to back up the trend – who exactly is saying that the Slovakian/Mexican/Kiwi/Spanish equivalent of hygge is the next big thing? – and ensure it’s fresh. I beg you: no more forest bathing.


These sorts of releases are excellent. They’re a way to promote lots of clients allied with, in most cases, a solid newsy angle; assuming good timing, they offer you good odds of getting coverage. In most cases, I just wish they’d be pruned to feature only deserving inclusions.

What Richard Thinks…

“Ignacio’s release is exactly as it should be — one paragraph announcing the news, then straight to the summaries”

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