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Multi-Client Press Releases, Part 3: Ready-For-Pu

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Multi-client press releases, part 3: Ready-for-publication lists

This is the final instalment of my series on multi-client press releases – considering the pros and cons of each approach, followed by a final thought. Last up are…


This refers to when agencies issue a listicle that you might conceivably see in the paper. Recent ones to arrive in my inbox include 12 wellness experiences at Florida hotels, four festive experiences around the world, and three literary destinations. In each case, of course, all of the suggestions involved clients (or the list was issued on behalf of a tourist-board client).

The commonest hook for these is one of the zillion national/international days/weeks/months.


Were I to already have a commission to write a list of, say, wellness experiences in Florida, or marine experiences to mark World Oceans Day, a release listing exactly those things would be inordinately helpful. Should no such commission exist, I will still save these releases if ever I think one might potentially follow — or, much less commonly, if it strikes me that I myself might in turn suggest this very list to an editor.

Releases like these also see you brainstorming like journalists, which I reckon is rewarding, and can cast agencies in a positive, “on the ball” light.


When there’s no news hook, these lists can, however, appear puzzlingly random. In some cases, they seem over-obvious, too — I’d prefer a list of 10 unusual city experiences, for instance, to something bland and all-too-well-covered like “five great city hotels”.

I’ve previously written about the issues with hooking onto national/international days/weeks/months. If doing so, ensure the day/week/month is a big enough deal and get your timing just right — otherwise I fear your release will be bin-bound!


Virtually every travel section likes a list — hell, virtually every section in general likes one — so sending these out makes sense. I’d just urge you to find a timely or fresh hook for yours, rather than opting for something old hat or belated.

What Richard Thinks…

“As anti-Qatari sentiment grows — with much justification — I can imagine having to represent its tourist board is a thankless, stressful and complex gig with no right answers. So a supportive shout-out to Maddy Schilg and One Green Bean, who are doing their creative best in a crappy situation.”

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