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Musings from fashion month

Last month, I watched from afar as IRL fashion shows (mostly) made a comeback.
I spent the best part of 10 years doing the backstage circuit; gathering
quotes from the hair and make-up teams on their visions, inspirations and innovative techniques. Undeterred by the inescapable Fashion Week Flu, I’d the month effusive, my notebook overflowing with feature ideas.
Then you lovely lot started to email us beauty trend reports within hours of a show. They usually included versions of the quotes I’d get direct from the artists, imagery that rivalled Getty’s, and info on the exact products used (those of your clients  who sponsored the shows). At the same time, the
backstage teams would share their insights on social media. It suddenly made more sense to cover FW from my desk.
As I reflect on the looks showcased over the month just passed, your reports are proving invaluable. The most helpful provide *detailed* quotes from the make-up artists/hairstylists on not only their interpretation of the trend, but their practical ‘get the look’ directions. Image-wise, close-up model shots – not only face charts – go down well. As do retail links to the exact items used. If next season’s product were used as a preview, it’s great to know when they launch, and what would be an appropriate alternative to suggest meanwhile.
As a bonus: links to videos of the show, if recorded, can add value that was rarely available before now. And any backstage footage helps bring the buzz many of us beauty journos are now removed from.
Call me hard work, but I still want to feel like I’m getting the good parts of FW behind-the-scenes (the forecast, pro tips and tricks) without the bad (crazy call times, sore feet, flu).

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