My Inbox Has More Crowns Than A Cosmetic Dentist

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My inbox has more crowns than a cosmetic dentist

I can’t wait for the Coronation to be over. I know that’s heretical and I don’t mean in a personal sense, because secretly I’m quite into a bit of ‘pomp and circumstance’, but every day my inbox has more crowns than a cosmetic dentist.

Of course, events like a Coronation don’t come around very often and something which encompasses parties, celebrities, food, drink, fashion and travel offers potential for lots of brands. But – and it’s a big but – there are appetites for subjects other than the royals… even for a very traditional news outlet.

Much as I adore reading about a special coronation dog food and a recipe for a royal negroni, I’m planning issues beyond 6 May and, even for that memorable weekend, there will be an audience searching for other subjects.

So it’s worth bearing that in mind. I mean, I’m not sure there are many other big events going on over the same weekend (other than one or two unfortunate souls who have had weddings or parties planned for years), but I assume restaurants will be open not serving coronation chicken (!) and films in cinemas, places to go for a glorious long weekend away from the TVs. And there will be an inevitable lull in the news cycle the following week, so tell us all about anything other than regal merch, please!

What Lisa thinks…

“I am totally on board with a release that says “It’s official: caviar has entered its ‘athleisure’ phase”. Not sure how many of us will be up for a £49 snack, but it feels like a natural for those barometer features…”

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