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Today is divorce day. The day which traditionally sees peak enquiries to lawyers about separation.

I’ve already seen press releases linking it to solicitors, spa retreats and er…. anti dandruff shampoo.

Anyway it made me think about conflict. Office conflict. One’s work wives and husbands.

Having worked in women’s magazines most of my career, I’ve seen very little open office warfare. A section editor once told a sub editor to get lost (in slightly stronger language than that) which shocked and titillated the team for weeks. But mostly conflict between individuals manifested itself in sly comments and exclusion.

In my career I don’t think I’ve ever had bust up with a PR. The closest I came was on a trip to New York to interview a celebrity. I’d assigned four pages in the magazine to it. Got my editor excited. Only to be told on arrival in the US I wouldn’t actually be able to talk to the movie star in question. Just observe them at a photo shoot.


I learnt a lesson there though – to be better at clearly communicating my expectations. Whilst trying to understand others expectations too.

The part of me that wants to be liked often suppresses my wants so as to not have an awkward conversation.

But I’ve realized straight talking is essential to avoid a bigger conflict further down the line.

But, for me, it all needs to be done with politeness, friendliness and respect.

And zero shouting.

Because if we’d wanted to be yelled at we’d have got a job in Ramsey’s kitchen’s right?


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