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‘We are looking for non covid ideas…’ says my editor at the Mail.

I feel like the tide is turning. PR’s e-mails to me are less apologetic, more back to business. Mine to them too.

So I’m going to talk about something non covid related.

Teenagers and make-up. Teenagers and skincare. Teenagers and spa treatments.

My Telegraph editor and I are both interested in spas for teenage girls. At a time when girls seem more anxious than ever, more beset by exam/friendship/body image concerns, a bonding spa trip with a parent seems like a great idea.

And what teenager doesn’t like face masks and pampering?

They get the feel good boost of a pedicure/a facial for temperamental teenage skin/some one to one time with their mum/grandparent/dad.

And if this was combined with activities/fitness/therapy that focused on booting resilience or mental health, well surely that’s a winning formula for all?

But I know for hotels and spas there are barriers.

First – safe guarding. My friend and ESPA founder Sue Harmsworth pointed out that a child alone, undressed, with an unknown adult, makes them extremely vulnerable. Also that any treatments have to be gentle on young skin.

Plus there’s the ‘ick’ factor. Too much investment in nail varnish/make-up/fancy skin creams might make them feel like their self worth is contingent on them looking beautiful.

So it’s about striking the right tone/balance and keeping them safe.

Are your clients managing to overcome the challenges?

If so send the details my way please.

Peace out….


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