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Not So Plugged In

I’m currently sitting in Marrakech with the most enormous lump on my head. No, I didn’t trip in the souk. Or fall off a camel. All I’ve been trying to do is charge my laptop in my hotel suite.

Let me paint a clearer picture of my room. It’s enormous – far bigger than my own living room and kitchen combined. It has hand-carved marble cornicing and acres of pretty black and white mosaic tiles on the floor, a cavernous bathroom that opens out on to a courtyard and a separate living room.

But are there any accessible plugs for me to use? Er, no.

Behind the unit that houses the kettle and Nespresso machine, there is just one socket into which the coffee machine is attached – so, when I wanted to make tea, I had to move the unit, put my arm behind it and, in the dark, try and unplug the coffee machine and plug the kettle in.

Because there is no plug beside my bed, I have had to charge my phone in my bathroom –not that handy if you use your phone as my alarm clock and the entire hotel has been awoken by the time you get to it in the morning.

And in order to type this column, I’ve had to crawl under the desk to unplug the desk light and plug in my laptop – which is where I smashed my head, and gained a lump that’s getting bigger by the minute.

The result of all of this? In spite of having one of the prettiest rooms in Morocco, I’m having a pretty miserable afternoon. I’ve had to put my hand into spiderwebs in the dark behind a desk. I have dirtied my white trousers crawling on the floor. And I’ve now got a thumping great headache.

It might be worth reminding your hotel clients that in the 21st century, rooms without accessible electric sockets are about as useful as bathtubs without plugs.

Give us sockets, and we’ll not only be happier guests, but will be able to show our love on Instagram. Neither of which will happen with a thumping headache and a dead phone.


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