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Today we’re going to talk about ambassadors. Not the kind that eat Ferrero Rocher in embassies around the world. Brand ambassadors.

How useful are they for gaining PR? What do journalists think of them? How can you maximise their expertise, credibility, and audience? And lastly, what are the no-nos?


Firstly (with the caveat that this is only my own point of view) there are zero gains from signing someone who has no authenticity or connection with the brand. If it’s to work for journalists, it’s imperative they have skills and ideas, but also the ability to talk passionately with knowledge. They could be the most creative/high-profile hairdresser/facialist/make-up artist in the world, but if they can’t express themselves, it’s pointless.


I don’t think they can’t have a million different deals, either. If they do, they start to lack credibility and it feels like rent-an-expert. They must be social media savvy – happy to engage with press online. 


A good example is make-up artist Caroline Barnes for Max Factor. She is accessible and thus represents the brand perfectly. She’s contactable, feels ‘real’ and responds quickly. She’s personable: warm, witty and relatable. She’s connected and brings her own industry relationships to the table. She understands what makes stories – celeb creds, trends, new innovation. She brings another dimension to any launch. Oh, and you want to be her friend.

Yes, we are that basic. 

“The title of the release draws you in and then the content delivers. Informative, zeitgeist-y and punchy, the writing feels authoritative and is easy to spin into a story. It works well to PR UNNDOO, the new online platform that allows clients to book aesthetic injectors to perform treatments in their own homes.”


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