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Passing on former contacts

Passing On Former Contacts

Sometimes I’ll contact a PR agency or specialist about a client, only to find out that the company in question is no longer a client. If even remotely feasible, I’ll always then be steered towards an active client. Nice try but, in most cases, no cigar: it tends to be the original company that I need to feature.

In that scenario, I always ask if the PR agency or specialist can pass me on to an in-house contact at said company, or to the company’s new representation if they know it.

In my experience, only 50 per cent of people have been willing to do this. Some even claim to have lost their firmer client’s details.

I suppose the thinking is: why should we aid an ex-client who dumped us / another PR organisation / both? Trouble is, there are actually excellent answers to that question: firstly because it’s just a decent, kind thing to do, and secondly because I’ll think well of you and will be inclined to return the favour.

Also, whenever I do get to speak to the former client directly, I always make a point of saying that the reason I know about them, or a particular product, is because of their former PR agency… news which might just make them think about giving things another go with you. In other words, assisting me might just help you win back the relevant client.

Though I appreciate that’s a long shot, I do know of one instance where exactly that scenario transpired. 

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