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Pitch Early, Pitch Hard

This week’s missive is devoted to Bridgerton. Specifically, Bridgerton Fever.

We’re all feeling it. Symptoms include insomnia, palpitations and an overwhelming urge to dress in #Regencycore. If you are a journalist, they also include receiving 9237456510 emails with the B-word in the subject field.

Here’s a small and by no means exhaustive selection of some of the pitches I’ve been sent this week: “The beautiful bouquets in Bridgerton”, “The estimated real life cost of the jewels in Bridgerton”, “Bridgerton baby names, ranked by ONS popularity”, “Are we still dating like it’s 1922? How Bridgerton highlights the romance gap”, “How to stay in your Bridgerton dream home” and “The Bridgerton effect: how to have a Lady Whistledown-approved wedding”.

Phew. It’s enough to make you loosen your corset and take a deep, deep breath. While it’s accurate to say that newspapers, magazines and digital outlets are indeed Bridgerton-obsessed, it’s worth remembering that Season Two was released on Friday 25th March. By Saturday 26th March, many fans had already binged it. Before you can say “diamond”, we’ll have reached Bridgerton overkill. Such is the speed at which people consume things these days that PRs have to be as sensitive as journalists and every other content creator to that nebulous point in time where what’s hot becomes not. When it comes to attaching your product to a juggernaut like Bridgerton, pitch early, pitch hard but know when to move on. 

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