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Polyamorous Pitching – It’s Good To Be Transparent

Polyamorous pitching — it’s good to be transparent

A shout-out, first, to Emma McVeigh of Scotland’s Soundbite PR for always being so good at telling me which titles she’s talking to, where she’s expecting other freelancers to pitch, and where there’s already been coverage / is coverage coming. With her help confirming that the coast is clear, I’ll confidently be chasing a Mail on Sunday commission later this week.
Such intelligence is so helpful: it saves me time, and saves me potentially looking like a tool. Instead, I can pitch to places where I know I have no competition, much increasing my chances of success.
Alas, help like this is bizarrely uncommon. Often, my requests for such candour are met only with ambiguity: “we’ve been in touch with some other journalists” or, worse, misinformation: for instance, I’m told no-one has yet spoken to the Telegraph only to find out that, whoops, sorry, Joe Bloggs has actually been in touch a lot. Ugh.
Ultimately, it’s a near-certainty you’ve spoken to others. And completely okay, in our polyamorous world. I’d just love to know who, for the reason above.
Why aren’t clarity and candour the norm here? Perhaps it’s due to some sense of embarrassment — a worry that I’ll be offended if you’ve dared to speak to other travel journalists! But I’d be a self-entitled numpty if that were the case. Maybe it comes down to poor inter-agency communication or a simple mistake, but both are easily avoided if so.
Ultimately, if you can help increase my chances of gaining work, I’ll be thankful and remember that, even should it not work out immediately. In the opposite scenario, I’ll be more reticent about relying on you in future.

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