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Positive News is Welcome

There are a lot of worrying news stories about food right now. A couple of weeks ago, commissioning features about the possibility of rationing and why we should grow our own felt like speculation and possible scaremongering; now both seem utterly realistic.

The challenge at a time of food insecurity for all, from genuine anxiety about having enough to eat for those short of money right up to ‘will there be a champagne drought?’ is how to hit the right tone. That’s for journalists and editors to work out – and thanks to the almost-universal ways in which our readers and audiences can comment, we’ll soon get to hear about it if we get it wrong.

Where good PR comes in is with giving us information on great sources for our stories. Right now, everyone from dairy farmers to the big-brand grocers, from restaurateurs to cake shops, has opinions we want to hear. Every platform wants their own experts, not the same few voices. So please keep giving us suggestions. 

And, as you’ll see from my chosen press release below, positive news is very welcome too. From my years working in what one editor used to call “the shallow end”, features journalism can often provide much-needed levity, so keep it coming. Thank you!


What Lisa Thinks…

Talking of (rare) good news from the food industry, this little ray of light from Cirio canned tomatoes was welcome indeed, with some good stats attached:

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