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Qualified and verified? Show and tell!

In response to the lack to regulation in the beauty industry (legally, most treatments don’t require a practitioner to be trained), the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology – BABTAC – just announced a new initiative signposting consumers to safety in salons, spas and clinics.

It came as no surprise to me that 90% of us don’t feel comfortable asking to see therapists’ qualifications (according to Caroline Hirons’ Beauty Backed Trust), yet we let them wax, laser and inject us anyway, only questioning insurance policies should things go wrong. It’s a very British problem that ought to change – and it will, if BABTAC, Hirons, and The British Beauty Council’s Millie Kendall have their way.

At last week’s press conference launching the regulatory framework, these industry leaders encouraged therapists and practitioners to demonstrate that they’re “qualified, verified and insured” – or seek the association’s help if they’re not, as well as suggesting people booking their services demand that they are.

PRs and press can help support the culture change – which is why I’m writing this today; I think it signals the start of us collectively shouting about professional skills being fit for purpose. When PRing beauty therapists and cosmetic practitioners or salon/spa/clinic services, it would be wise to communicate details of qualifications, plus confirm what pre- and post-appointment aftercare is offered. These aspects will become increasingly important for journalists to relay to readers, so you might as well get ahead of the curve.

The beauty industry should be known for its brilliance, not its botched jobs, and we can all help elevate it so that it is.

What Bridget thinks…

“In other beauty industry news, Coty launched a campaign to change the current dictionary definition of ‘beauty’. And they gave us a lot to go on: an open letter, petition, social experiment video… all perfect for a punchy online news story.”

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