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Responding To The Cost-Of-Living Crisis

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Responding to the cost-of-living crisis

It’s interesting to observe how beauty brands are responding to the cost-of-living crisis, and the ways in which their marketing strategies are being communicated to the press.

John Frieda has collaborated with Crisis on a ‘purposeful shopping’ campaign, where this month donations are made to the charity alongside product purchases. The brand is also providing haircuts for Crisis members throughout the year and supplying centres with personal care products.

Meanwhile, Dove, Radox, Tresemmé and Simple (all under Unilever) have teamed up with non-profit In Kind Direct to donate one product for every two bought in Tesco stores until November.

Announcements of both these initiatives came with commentary and data anchoring press releases – from government stats on homelessness, to survey findings on how the economic climate is exasperating hygiene poverty. If your client is planning something similar, insist you can provide these kinds of insights for news hooks.

Elsewhere, Beauty Pie – the disruptive beauty product members’ club – has taken a different approach to gathering, and sharing, data aligned with the rising cost of living.

Partnering with The Future Laboratory on a white paper arguing that the crisis is driving an era of financially inclusive beauty, it explores evolving attitudes to luxury and value. A media webinar presented the key findings, while the report (available to download on the brand’s website) also includes some predicted trends set to define the beauty industry from 2025. It’s fascinating, and pure gold for features.


As Millie Kendal, founder of the British Beauty Council, is quoted as saying in the report: “The story – why your brand exists – is more important than ever.” As their storytellers this is key for PRs to consider both on a micro level as news of the crisis evolves, and a macro level as we ride the wave collectively as consumers.

rather than the endlessly distracting and distracted ‘two escalator’ mode.

It’s my second-favourite new efficiency, just after dictating text messages. But that’s another story… 

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“When you’re Chanel it would it be easy to rest on your laurels, but this demonstrates an imaginative take on a theme that’s been done before. The achingly cool illustration makes all the difference.”

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