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According to the Centre for Retail Research, the UK’s coffers will have been boosted by £1.41 billion by the coronation, once domestic and foreign spending is added up (it also estimates that 250,000 tourists flocked to London, spending about £232 million). This is good news for hotels, restaurants, bunting manufacturers and supermarkets who sold out of coronation chicken and commemorative pork pies. But what of the fashion industry? On coronation day itself, footfall fell by 21.8 per cent across the UK, though only by 6 per cent in London, as people stayed glued to their televisions at home. What they and the rest of the world saw, however, will indubitably boost those brands lucky to be worn.

For Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Bruce Oldfield, Suzannah, Beulah, Jess Collett and Huntsman, the wins were huge. It was also a glorious day for British craftsmanship, a lovely reminder that couture levels of detail aren’t the sole preserve of Paris. But the real fashion winner of the day? Ted Baker. Of all the midmarket high street brands, this is not the one I’d have bet on gracing Westminster Abbey, yet here it was being worn by Sophie Trudeau. Her pale pink dress with balloon chiffon sleeves held its own against its exponentially more expensive neighbours. Trudeau managed to do what Shiv Roy couldn’t: put Ted Baker back on the radar again – in a good way.

As turnarounds go, it’s an epic one, a reminder to PRs and journalists both that a brand’s reputation can rise and fall (and rise again) in a heartbeat. 

What Laura thinks…

“I’ve lost count of the number of coronation-pegged emails I’ve had this year (they started early) but this one wins for being the most hilarious, possibly because I can’t think of anything more weird (or quick to date) than a red, white and blue home. But chacun a son gout and all that.”


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