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Mint clubs, Angel Delight, Ice Magic – the 80’s were great for nutritionally devoid confectionery, but not so good for kid’s spelling.

At my comprehensive, spelling was fairly low on the list of priorities, it’s value placed way below creativity. A tactic which obviously worked to a certain extent (hey, I’m writing for Roxhill aren’t I?), but means that I have trouble spelling pretty basik (sic) words like appreciate and liaise.

I’m blaming my school here. Oh and the Thatcher government/teacher’s strike (depending on which side of the political divide you were on). But I have to take some personal responsibility. I’m pretty sure when I was supposed to be learning to spell world capitals I was day dreaming about snogging Lee Simons to China In Your Hand.

I digress. When I was working on staff at magazines a decade ago you had a team on four sub editors checking your copy for spelling, grammar, and facts. Now these teams are much depleted and, in some on line publications, not there at all. Which if you are a journalist, and you don’t want to look illiterate in a national publication, means you need to dot your eyes and cross your t’s more carefully than ever before.

Where do you come into this? Well it’s very helpful if your communications are checked and double-checked. Because if your brand founder’s name is mis-spelt on the press release, it’s now more likely to make it onto the newspaper page that way. Which is bad news for all of us write? I mean right….


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