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It’s the time of year when we journalists are simultaneously trying to sum up the year just ending and predict what’s going to happen in the year to come. Is it any wonder our heads are spinning – or is that just me?

I start every year meaning to keep a notebook of all the big stories, people, places and things that are going on, plus the random famous-for-five-minute trends that we all talked about, so that when it comes to December round-up time, I have all the info to hand. Can you guess that I always forget to do this?

And that’s where you come in… A reminder of the mad viral things and the headline-making moments would be so useful and it’s a great chance to re-up brand awareness if it did involve a product, a person or restaurant. 

Meanwhile, my team is working on a ‘crystal ball’ issue to forecast what the talking points for 2023 are going to be. It’s a pretty impossible task but, as you’ll know, because it’s hard to predict what’s going to take off and what, despite everyone’s best efforts, fails to catch the public’s imagination. 

But it’s worth bearing in mind that more now than at most times, writers and editors are receptive to your pitches/intel around everything from sandwich fillings to Salt Bae’s strident staff!

What Lisa thinks…

“I like the fun name of this brand, and the informal tone of the press information, which makes all the difference when ploughing through the inbox. And who doesn’t like baking made easy?”

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