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Shopping Content Considerations

Shopping content considerations

The year’s biggest opportunity for ecommerce editorial is nigh. No, not Christmas; Black Friday – and the entire consumer carnival that is ‘cyber weekend’.

When it comes to this kind of service journalism, guiding readers’ purchasing choices with expertise is central to what we do. And yes, it’s a key revenue stream too: our readers trust us to take them elsewhere to shop, and in return for the referral we can make commission.

While at Harper’s Bazaar we don’t go hard on promoting Black Friday deals, when talking any kind of shopping content most digital editors will work with ecom in mind. We have several considerations when deciding which retailers to link out to, which can include the following:

– Conversion data demonstrating where readers are likely to purchase from

– The commission rate (CPA) from the brand/retailer being linked to

– The return rate for the retailer (because when items are sent back, so is any commission)

– Whether a website is user-friendly, has free and fast delivery, fab customer service and a decent range of stock

– Whether the brand or retailer is aligned with our readers’ interests and budgets (of course!)

So, whether the brands you’re promoting only sell direct-to-consumer or not, hopefully this gives insight on why we favour some retailers over others.

None of this is to say that we won’t drive sales to somewhere that doesn’t tick all those boxes – and we can absolutely include brands which don’t offer commission, though it might influence where they’re placed within editorial content. Essentially, just as you may analyse which publications best generate custom for your clients (and as such, are appealing to work with), we do the same with brands and retailers.

Roxhill’s webinar Ecommerce: an introduction, which was held last Wednesday and packed with more information on Black Friday and ecommerce as a whole, is available to watch here.

pactful than one with 24 items, and those same six buried within it. I get that you want to make clients happy – but you also want coverage, right?

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“Move aside Brad Pitt, Caroline Hirons launching skincare is the talk of the town, and the press release announcing it had to match up to the news of such a “momentous beauty launch”. Highlights include the timeline of Hirons’ career, the launch day ‘set list’ graphic, and a flow chart helping identify which product is suitable for who. Bravo.”

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